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Fully automated disinfection saves time and guarantees better results.’


Micro-organisms are everywhere: in water and in the air, on the floor, on our skin and in the raw materials we use. The presence of micro-organisms in the food-processing industry may lead to spoilage of foodstuffs, but also to food poisoning and high-cost recalls.

 Cleaning and disinfection is a vital part of production operations in the food-processing industry. Bad hygiene may lead to bacterial growth and reduced food quality, it may even cause serious calamities or health hazards.

 Today, many hygiene procedures in the food-processing industry are still manual. Automatic disinfection is the solution.

Sustainable technology by Airins Care



Airins Care’s hygiene system complies with the highest standards, including AFNOR, and is implemented in open spaces and (existing) air-treatment systems.

The area of application is huge and includes the food processing industry, institutional market, offices and retail spaces, airports and shipping industry, food and agricultural industry, healthcare, water supply hygiene, and crop protection.


  • Reduces absenteeism and improves productivity

  • Extensively tested and proven effective against the most common bacteria, viruses and moulds

  • Your personnel feels more alert and energetic

  • Your personnel and animals (livestock, pets) do not have to leave the space during preventative disinfection

  • No risk of resistance

  • Guaranteed safe and biodegradable disinfectant, safe for your employees, animals, products, inventory, and the environment

  • Disinfects in places that are impossible to reach manually, such as equipment

  • Contributes to reduced use of chemicals and antibiotics

  • Reduces absenteeism and improves productivity

  • Reduces absenteeism and improves productivity