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A clean and healthy living space, just because we can!

Airins Care’s hygiene system complies with the highest standards, including AFNOR, and is implemented in open spaces and (existing) air-treatment systems. 

The area of application is huge and includes the food processing industry, institutional market, offices and retail spaces, airports and shipping industry, food and agricultural industry, healthcare, water supply hygiene, and crop protection.


Sustainable technology by Airins Care

Custom applications


Airins Care is based on the preventative ultrasonic aerosol technology used in existing air-treatment systems and open spaces. The web-based, computer-controlled modular technology combine with a natural disinfectant guarantees an optimised, sustainable hygiene outcome at the lowest possible cost. 

There are many available detailed solutions within the various areas of application. Our experts are happy to discuss your needs and provide professional analysis, tailormade advice, seamless installation, and correct monitoring of our systems.



Offices and workspaces

Food-processing industry

Airports and shipping