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Natural disinfection through ultrafine aerosol!’


The innovative Airins Care hygiene system is based on ultrafine aerosol technology with a  100% biodegradable and safe disinfectant driven by smart software. The technology maximises protection against disease-causing micro-organisms day and night.

The disinfectant effectiveness of the aerosol is monitored, analysed and adjusted every hour if necessary by means of sensors. The system is programmed and set to specific threshold limit values for individual sites. The reliable hardware and software combined with periodical calibration and the online monitoring option offer 24×7 operational safety for both human beings and animals. The Airins Care air hygiene system is both corrective and preventative and a safe and sustainable addition to professional cleaning and/or disinfecting applications. 

Moreover, it is easy to integrate into existing indoor climate and air treatment systems or can be implemented in open spaces by means of mobile systems.

Sustainable technology by Airins Care

What are the advantages?


Bad air quality in the work environment leads to a variety of health problems. Unhealthy air leads to reduced concentration, energy levels, and productivity. Over time, health problems due to bad air quality may lead to (long-term) absenteeism. Bad air quality may even lead to disability for people suffering from allergies and asthma.


  • Reduces absenteeism and improves productivity

  • Extensively tested and proven effective against the most common bacteria, viruses and moulds

  • Your personnel feels more alert and energetic

  • Your personnel and animals (livestock, pets) do not have to leave the space during preventative disinfection

  • No risk of resistance

  • Guaranteed safe and biodegradable disinfectant, safe for your employees, animals, products, inventory, and the environment

  • Disinfects in places that are impossible to reach manually, such as equipment

  • Contributes to reduced use of chemicals and antibiotics

  • Reduces absenteeism and improves productivity

  • Reduces absenteeism and improves productivity