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About us

‘Innovation is in our DNA!’


The Airins Care Group has been specialising in air and surface hygiene, air humidification, ventilation, and healthy indoor climate (HVAC) concepts since 2010. We deliver the new standard in preventing and combating microbiological pollution in buildings and production processes –

relying on a combination of innovative technology and an integrated approach to indoor climate and hygiene in collaboration with our strategic partners.

This is how we create a healthier living environment for human beings and animals. Healthy, clean air improves well-being, thus enhancing performance and reduce production loss, which in turn lead to lower social and financial costs.  

Airins Care, your micro-organism prevention partner!

Our history

Since 2010


  • We developed the technology in collaboration with our German partners

European certification

  • Our technology is authorised officially and receives European approval

Innovative solutions

  • We launch product innovations

Our promise


Our experts are highly motivated and knowledgeable and work to develop, supply, install, and optimise the Airins Care hygiene system. We offer innovative solutions that live up to your expectations and add value to your business. Our principal considerations are always sustainability and the safety of both human beings and animals. 

In our eyes, sustainability includes investing in enduring and proactive collaboration. After the system has been installed, you can continue to count on the expertise of our engineers for maintenance and repairs. 

Quality and attention are our priorities, as these are powerful arguments for our customers to collaborate with us. Keeping our promises and exceeding expectations, that is what really drives our products and the way we work. 

Collaborating with us guarantees a sustainable, safe and healthy living environment.

Preferred supplier

Airins Care’s hygiene system complies with the highest standards, including AFNOR, and is implemented in open spaces. It can also be easily integrated in existing and new air-treatment systems. The area of application is huge and includes the food processing industry, the institutional market, offices and retail spaces, airports and shipping industry, food and agricultural industry, healthcare, water supply hygiene, and crop protection.